A Better Day

 In Stuff We Say

I had a very stressful day today.  I was a mess leading up to my 4:30 class.  I have been doing stuff outside of my comfort zone, while normally good, just piled up today somehow.

I was in a rotten mood.  But as always there was a magic about our athletes.  The class started, people were moving, then everything was in full swing.  I started to feel better and better.  I am still always impressed by our athletes giving it their all.  Even with the crazy electric repair- there they were, Chad taking charge and people moving weights out of the way, Millan warming up the 5:30pm.  It was still okay, much better than earlier today when I work without our athletes around.  By the time I finished teaching the 6:30 class, I was feeling excellent.

So thanks Firebird Athletes for helping to make even one of my rotten days pretty darn good!  I love you.

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