Amazing Valentine’s Day Race

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crossfitvalentineWhat could be more romantic than a partner WOD on Valentine’s Day?  Okay, maybe smoking Cuban cigars and drinking top shelf rum on a beach in Belize under a full moon, but for those of us that have been there and done that- the Amazing Valentine Day Race is the event for us!

We will be hosting another fun, holiday WOD much like the Super Spooky Halloween WOD- this time without Zombie Coaches (nothing spoils the mood like a Zombie) on Thursday, February 14th.  This WOD will be held in the evening at 6pm and could last until 7:3opm.  No worries if you are a singleton or your other half refuses to CrossFit- you may have a strictly platonic team, and we will have a sign up sheet for matches in the gym.  In addition, this is a guest day.  You may bring a non-Firebird as your partner.

If you have seem The Amazing Race, you have the general idea of the form this WOD will take.  Partners will receive clues to destination, race to the destination, and perform various tasks before getting clues to the next destination.  It would be wise to familiarize yourself with the areas around the gym.  If you get confused on the 3k run, you might want to drive a few blocks around the gym.

Like The Amazing Race, we will have Detours and Roadblocks.  In our Detours, partner teams will choose between two mini-WODs both with advantages and disadvantages.  Partner teams may change their mind on which mini-WOD they finish with only the time and energy penalty naturally incurred from the indecision. There is some strategy in what you choose.  In our Roadblocks, partner teams will receive clues to two WOD-like tasks; based on these clues the team will assign a task to each partner before the exact task is revealed.   Once the tasks are revealed there is no changing the person assignment.  Not a problem if you have never seen The Amazing Race, direction will be clear, and there will be coaches to guide you along the way.

Of course, all task are CrossFit related, but do not fear, there will be scaling and burpee exchange for hints from judges.  This is going to be great fun!  We will also have prizes, and we encourage teams to dress up!



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