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IMG_1286-620x465I am sure that everyone noticed how much running we are doing at Firebird CrossFit this week.  I also bet that many of you dreaded completing the WODs because you knew the run was going to slow you down.  Luckily, we have been listening and are going to help you increase your endurance performance and become more confident in your running, rowing, biking, and swimming ability!  Starting in February, we will be offering CrossFit Endurance WODs at Firebird CrossFit.

“CrossFit Endurance is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential. CrossFit Endurance focuses on eliminating unnecessary volume of training while increasing intensity. The programming is structured, sport-specific and seamlessly integrated with CrossFit WODs.  Long slow duration results in athletes being less powerful, less lean and more prone to injury, low energy and abbreviated sport longevity. We will make you faster. We will make you leaner. We will increase your power.” Brian MacKenzie (Founder)

CrossFit Endurance uses running, biking, swimming, and rowing in combination with CrossFit to maximize your capability as athletes.

As you know, CrossFit’s fundamentals include constantly varied movements performed at high intensity.  The same applies to CrossFit Endurance where you will learn to focus on the technique or skill you are performing (run, row, bike, swim), and then add intensity.  Repetition is the enemy and the goal is to continue to increase anaerobic activity.

Anaerobic/sprint/speed work has the following benefits:

*Increased cardiovascular function

*Decreased body fat

*Increased muscle mass

*Increased strength

*Increased power

*Increased speed

*Increased anaerobic capacity

This in turn will improve your overall performance as an athlete and get you flying in to the box when you see ‘Run or Row’ posted on the daily WOD.  Fill out the Firebird CrossFit Endurance Survey today and we look forward to helping you reach your endurance goals!

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