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reportcardEveryone did a great job with Exam Week.  I would like to congratulate those of you who completed all five days of Exam Week by Saturday!  For those of you who did not complete exam week, you may make-up full days on Tuesday, Thursday or this coming Saturday.  You may make up small tests if there is an extra coach handy:  usually at 5:30 am, noon, 5:30pm or 6:30pm.  If you have a whole day to make up, you need to do it all within the hour time limit.  We will only be making up this week and then Exam Week is gone until next time.

After dealing with the actual results, I decided to calculate the scores like a GPA.  Originally, I was just going to follow the 1.0 is Recruit, 2.o is CrossFitter, 3.0 is Firebreather and 4.o is Beast, but I now realize that it would be almost impossible to reach Beast.  So here are the scales:  Recruit is 0.8-1.6; Crossfitter is 1.7-2.6; Firebreather is 2.7-3.3; and Beast is 3.4-4.0.

Everyone who completed all days of the Exam already have a calculated GPA.  You may view that GPA on your scorecard on file at the gym.  You also have the option to retest anything that you felt was close.  Many people missed sit-ups and push ups by just a few.  As long as you restest by Saturday, your new score counts.  Please indicate on your scorecard if you are retesting.

After Saturday, I will calculate all complete scorecards, then send you a digital copy of your report card.  In addition, anyone who completed all the tests by the Saturday, February 9th is eligible to receive a band with your level.  Following the completed tests and calculation, we will start scheduling counseling session with you so that we can use your assessments to create specific goals.

We know it was a challenging week, but this will allow us to individualize our advice to you.  If you have any questions, just ask your coach or e-mail us.

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