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You may have noticed that the end of January (Jan 28-Feb 2) is Exam Week.  That week we will program WODs, weightlifting, bodyweight, endurance, gymnastic and flexibility benchmark movements.  Each day will have different movements and a different WOD.  Saturday will be a make-up day for anything that you may have missed during the week.  As we get closer to Exam Week, we will release the schedule of tests for the entire week so that you can best plan to make as many movements as you can.  You will be welcome to come everyday that week regardless of how often you normally come.  If you cannot make it everyday, we will have some flexibility to allow you to try to catch-up on some tests.

The purpose of Exam Week is to get a very thorough baseline of where you are and provide you with direction on what you should be working on to increase your fitness.  You can view the standards by downloading our Athletic Levels and Milestones.  You belong to a level if you meet the standards of 75% of the requirements in that level’s column.  What you will find is that you are really great at some things and not so great at others- if you are almost fully in the Firebreather Level with the exception of ring dips, bench press and push ups, it will tell you where you should focus your efforts.

Once you take the tests during Exam Week, we will use this as a diagnostic and make suggestions personalized to crush your weaknesses.

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