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We have three types of extra sessions at Firebird CrossFit: skill sessions, counseling, and movement and mobility.  To some of you, they have always been there, but we actually started these fairly recently.

Skill Sessions:

Most of our memberships include at least one skill session a month.  Skill sessions are 20 minutes of instruction with a coach of your choice on a skill you are working on mastering.  Of course, during WOD days we give instruction, and your BWOD learning blocks have very detailed instruction on fundamental movements.  We never have time in day-to-day classes to teach EVERYTHING about a movement.  Sure you know how to clean and jerk, but your hip is a little muted and shoulders are a little soft.  While we may cue you in class, 20 minutes of explanation and drill can really clean up your technique.  USE YOUR SESSIONS!


Everyone is entitled to a personal counseling on diet, nutrition, and/or goals every quarter.  We speak with you day-to-day, but this is a chance to really talk to your coach for an hour about your personal goals and your progress.  Take advantage of this.  It helps to keep you on track, and we often discover new ways to help you make a healthy lifestyle natural.

 Movement and Mobility:

Doc is a great resource.  Many of you come in with previous aches and injuries.  You have scar tissue that needs to be more elastic so that your range of motion and general well being improves.   In addition, Doc can prescribe mobility work and exercises for your imbalances.

Skill sessions and counseling are part of most memberships.  If you want more skill sessions, they are $25.  We also do personal training at $60/hour, but most of you don’t need an entire hour and will get great results from the group classes.  Doc’ s movement and mobility sessions are $35 for a half hour and well worth the relief.  Be sure to take advantage of these one-on-one experiences with your coach.  If you have questions about scheduling, just call or e-mail, or you can watch the screen cast on scheduling a session.


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