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Some of you have probably heard the buzz about Coach Jess’s outdoor boot camp.  Some of you may remember our original, mandatory beginner’s boot camp.  Our original boot camp was made to be the first step in becoming a member at Firebird CrossFit, but our new boot camp is a little different.

Firebird boot camp is a 6 week program that has two aims: raising the level of fitness and weight loss through nutrition counseling and education.  We have found that some people  believe that they are not ready to WOD with us.  Of course, we don’t believe that, but we understand that it can be a little intimidating and some people just are not sure that CrossFit is right for them.

Our boot camp, of course, will be inspired by Firebird CrossFit, but it is not the same program we have in the gym.  The boot camp will be only for beginners and it is self contained- 6 weeks and that is it.  We will use kettle bells, rings, med balls, plates, and body weight to challenge our beginners. Boot Campers will attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday and they will be assigned homework.  Coach Jess will guide them in nutrition and lifestyle choices by weekly e-mail and Facebook.

We hope to educate our boot campers on better self health care and show them that CrossFitters are not so scary.  Their WODs will start small, but they will be doing their first official CrossFit Girl WOD by mid-camp. In addition, after the midpoint we would love to invite some of our die hard CrossFitters to guest start in some WODs.

Of course, we hope that they decide to CrossFit after the camp, but even if they do not, they will come away more fit and looking good and with skills in movement and nutrition that will serve them well.

Check out our promo video, this is what they can expect to be doing (and you may even recognize some of the athletes):

If you know anyone who might like to join, they can go to our web page or call or e-mail us.

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