Good Night, Sleep Tight…

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Not getting enough sleep at night? Studies show that you need 7.5 hours or more of sleep to recover for the next day. So how do I get 7.5 hours every night?  Well here are 6 tips to a better nights sleep….


1. Set a regular bed time.

Building better habits is an important part of improving sleep or anything for that matter. One habit to start for a better nights sleep is going to bed at the same time every night.


2. Make your bedroom as dark as possible

We were designed to sleep in dark caves… The less light you let into your room the better. Even the glow of an alarm clock can disrupt your sleep pattern.


3. Turn off all electronics two hours before bed.

NO laptops, iPads, iPods or TV. Studies show that the luminous display can suppress your melatonin production.


4. Apply some magnesium oil..

Magnesium is a sleep-boosting mineral. To get the most our of magnesium you will need to rub it on your skin. The best time is after your nightly shower or just before bed.


5. Stretch..

Doing a series of static stretches, after a warm shower or bath, helps mellow out your body. This translates to better sleep and gets rid of those areas of pain.


6.  Drink some chamomile tea 1/2 hour before bed

Chamomile reduces anxiety and helps relax the body.


A good nights sleep for us as CrossFitters is important. It helps your body recover faster. Sleep is just as important as diet and your recovery shake. So if you are struggling to get 7.5 or more hours of sleep try some or all of these tips.

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