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We now have Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) Whey protein available at the gym.  We have four different types of SFH protein: Recovery, Fortified, Rejuvenate, and Pure Whey.  SFH is a super clean protein with no added sugars or synthetic substances; SFH whey is derived from grass fed animals so there are no antibiotics or hormones found in the whey. Each type has a blend of supplements focused on different effects.

RECOVERY:  This is focused on …well, Recovery.   You use this post workout.  You can use if up to two times a day, directly after your workout and two hours after your workout for super-special recovering.  This type has 16 grams of protein per scoop, and includes creatine, CO-Enzyme Q-10, and ribose for increasing cellular energy and chondroitin sulfate for joints.    Anyone can and should use the recovery protein.

PURE WHEY:  I know, I know, these names are so confusing, so let me explain: Pure Whey is just protein, stevia and some natural flavors.  It is great for any additional protein you are trying to get above and beyond your recovery drink; it contains 25.6 grams of protein per scoop.   If you are trying to get more protein in your diet (competitors on the strength cycle), this is a great addition to the Recovery blend.

REJUVENATE:  Okay, I have to admit that this name is a bit confusing.  Intuitively, it brings to mind ‘recovery’.  The problem here is that SFH was trying to be politically correct and did not name it “Whey for Old People”.  Rejuvenate is designed for the 45+ athlete and includes chondroitin sulfate for joints, glucosamine to decrease inflammation, and glutamine for immunity boost.  If you are over 45, Rejuvenate and Recovery would do you well.

 FORTIFIED:  Wait, aren’t these all fortified?  Yes, but this is for what we might term as Hard Gainers- you know who you are.  This blend is designed to naturally increase growth hormone and anabolic steroid production (yes this can happen naturally, no need to worry about drug testing).  If your body seems resistant to muscle growth, Fortified and Recovery can be your very good friends.

To sum it up, everyone should use RECOVERY.  If you are a 45+ athlete you would benefit from REJUVENATE.  If you cannot gain muscle mass to save your life, use FORTIFIED, and if you need additional protein for non-recovery shakes and you are a normal athlete that does not fall into the Old or Skinny category, use PURE WHEY.



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