Open WOD 14.3 Tips and Strategy

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This is an eight-minute AMRAP. That means as many reps as possible!!! Every rep counts, especially those heavy deadlifts. You will want to hold on to the bar and do as many touch-and-go deadlifts as possible. As soon as you feel yourself start to slow down switch to one deadlift at a time. It will be faster to do one deadlift at a time and continually move than to do two or three reps and rest for ten seconds. A full rep deadlift is taking the barbell off the ground and full extension of the hips. You do not have to control the barbell back to the ground; you can drop it! Also, as you get tired most athletes have a tendency to keep the legs straight and turn it into a straight leg deadlift. DO NOT do that! Remember to bend the knees on every rep and use your hamstrings, not just your lower back.

The box jumps are going to be tough after the first and second round. They are a gasser and are going to make you more tired for the deadlifts. Be very careful when taking your first jump of every round. Sometimes your brain will say jump but your body won’t listen, leaving you with some bloody shins and a lot of pain. When you are doing your box jumps rest on top of the box, not on the ground. One this will ensure you won’t get no repped and two it is faster. Think of the ground as hot lava and you have to jump back up on that box right away. If you are completely gassed or worried about the box jumps, step-ups are acceptable! Switching to step-ups or doing them the whole time is a viable option for some athletes. Strategize a plan ahead of time and stick with it. Whatever you think will be most efficient for you.

One important thing to know about this WOD is the tie breaker rule. Suppose you and another athlete get the same amount of reps. The winner will be determined by the time each athlete finished their previous box jumps. Therefore, it is critical to complete your box jumps as fast as possible, especially if you think it is the last set you will do!

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