Programming Overview Feb 3-8

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Snatch Good Thrid Pull 1I know that all of you have noticed that we were on a Back Squat Program for nine weeks before Exam Week; I hope you saw some back and front squat PR’s (you should have if you attended regularly). Even during the Back Squat Strength Program, we were still CrossFitters, doing CrossFit. I know that CrossFit is suppose to be constantly varied, but it is not random chaos. Each of our WODs and each of our programming cycles are researched and designed with an effect other than seeing you in a puddle of sweat at the end of the WOD in mind.

These next 12 weeks you will see a focus on longer WODs and more weighted WODs than you saw during the last nine weeks. We are also taking these next twelve weeks to really hit Olympic Lifting technique.

There will be lots of teaching and drilling the snatch, clean and jerk over the next several weeks. Of course the programming and coaching are only half of that equation, the rest is up to you. If you come to class, listen carefully and put as much into your Oly drills as you would a WOD, you will come out doing some amazing lifts. Don’t get ahead of yourself, no matter how long you have been CrossFitting, make sure to pay close attention to the basics as we go over them!

This week is a transition week into the next programming cycle, so we have blocked off some time each week to teach and then for you to WOD:

Monday: Snatch Teach and WOD
Tuesday: Snatch Teach and WOD
Wednesday: Clean Teach and WOD
Thursday: Clean Teach and WOD
Friday: Jerk Teach and WOD
Saturday: Jerk Teach and WOD

Try to hit at least one of each teach if you can as this will prepare your road to progress over the next 12 weeks.

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