Strategies for Open WOD 14.1

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A 10 minute AMRAP of light weight snatches and double unders can be deceptively harsh. Before we begin talking about the movements and efficiency we need to be mentally prepared. Look back and your most recent Randy time (75 power snatches at 75/55 lbs) and determine how much additional time you will have for double unders. If you are efficient with double unders then you will most likely complete more than 75 snatches.

As any WOD goes you start off strong and will most likely be able to do the first few rounds unbroken. During the later rounds 15 reps is going to feel like a lot. We are not used to doing 15 reps, we like to break everything up in sets of 10. Therefore, instead of breaking the snatches up and doing 3 sets of 5 think of the snatches as doing 1 set of 10, short rest, and then 5 more reps.

Double Unders can become very frustrating in a WOD. Usually, the athlete is winded and needs to grab their breath before attempting the double unders. Stay calm and relaxed if you mess up. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Here is a video for some things to think about if you trip up on the Double Unders.

The most efficient way to do the snatch will be touch and goes at the bottom. If you need to rest, rest with the bar overhead for a split second then start to bend the elbows. Let the bar track down your body and catch it on your thighs. Once it hits your thighs touch the ground and bounce it right back overhead. Rest at the top for a split second then repeat.

Snatching is the most efficient way to get this weight over your head but if you become very tired you are able to switch to clean and jerks. Even though the main site labels the WOD as snatches and double unders it really is ground to overhead and double unders!

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