Coach Christine

    My name is Christine and Crossfit has been a part of my life since 2016. I began my fitness journey reluctantly at first but was quickly motivated by the constantly varied, functional fitness style workouts that Crossfit is all about. Every WOD makes me feel like I’m training to be a superhero and I love that! 

    What Crossfit has given me is the freedom and confidence to function in my day-to-day life. I can lift furniture, I never take the elevator, and I even open my own pickle jars. As a Crossfit coach, my goal is to help you achieve your hardest fitness challenges while ensuring you are getting the most safe and effective workout. 

    My favorite part of being a coach and a member at Firebird is the intense but supportive atmosphere. Hard-working and fun-loving fitness friends and a roster of dedicated coaches make it both the hardest and most fun workout you’ve ever done. You can expect many a breathless “good job!” and sweaty fist bumps post-WOD. 

    When I’m not here at Firebird, you can find me at the bowling alley, hiking or camping in the desert, playing competitive tabletop games or petting my 3 cats. 


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