Top Ten Reasons to Give a Golden Ticket

 In Stuff We Say

GoldenTicket-300x177Soon we will be issuing something special to our UNLIMITED members: GOLDEN TICKETS  which they can gift to ANYONE THEY CHOSE.

These bad boys will entitle the recipients to: 1) a month of unlimited membership (for current members) or 2) A one month membership at 3xweek.

Why should you give out these Golden Tickets? Here’s 10 reasons:

10.  It’s a GOLDEN TICKET! You shouldn’t need nine other reasons!

9. Nicky said she’d wash your car (please don’t quote me on this).

8. It’s free!

7. You get to be someone’s HERO.

6. If you don’t give at least 1 Golden Ticket, the terrorists will win.

5. Not everyone is eligible to give out one of these bad boys.

4. It’s win-win. You’ll get something (besides that warm fuzzy feeling).

3. Because you can!

2. Because no one ever gave you one.

1. Did I mention it’s a GOLDEN TICKET!!!?

Stay tuned for more details and start thinking about who is going to get your tickets.

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