Toys for Tots

 In Stuff We Say

Firebird CrossFit is proud to be an official “Toys for Tots” drop off location. This worthy charity has been providing toys for less fortunate children since 1947.   Back then, Marine reservists in dress blue uniforms collected used toys and refurbished them during their drill weekends.


It may not surprise you to learn that today’s Marines have other things to do than fix toys.  Toys for Tots now only accepts new, unwrapped toys appropriate for kids up to age 16.

We know that the only thing our athletes love more than supporting worthy charities is watching their coaches do lots and lots of burpees. That’s why all the Firebird CrossFit coaches unanimously agreed to perform two burpees for each toy donated by our athletes from now until December 19th.  You can watch the number of burpees grow on our Toys for Tots Burpee Meter in the front office.  On December 22nd, we’ll do the burpees. You won’t want to miss that.

Of course, Firebird CrossFit has the highest standards and those standards also apply to our support for this important program.  We know that none of you would consider giving us anything but the nicest toys in exchange for our burpees.

And , no, and 200-piece Lego set does not count as 200 toys.

So, start shopping.  Christmas is right around the corner.




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