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Ultimate_Power_Vol_1_5_TextlessExerting strength quickly is Power.  It seems so easy- just be strong and fast and now you are Powerful.  Unfortunately, strong and fast are often competing demands on your system if you go to the extreme of either.  Power is a compromise and there is a moment where the force you can generate and the speed at which you can generate it collides- and that would be where you PR your snatch.

You may have noticed that we are controlling your rest times in lifts more closely.  There are a couple of reasons for that.  We are trying to get you maximally strong, and 2-5 minute rest intervals allow you to get stronger due to the full recovery of ATP in your muscle cells.  ATP is the chemical that primarily fuels your cells in the first 10 seconds of work.  By allowing you to fully recover before lifting you have the ability to contract as hard as you did in the prior lifts.  Basically, it keeps your muscles working at higher intensities and volumes than without the rest.

By primarily working your phosphogen system and not moving on to working other systems, we are conditioning your body and brain to a very specific time scale.  This time scale is where power (max strength and max speed) is likely to occur.  By targeting this particular system with forced rest, we are allow the body to more easily (read faster) make adaptations that  enhance the performance of the muscle as well as the neurological response (a necessary component of speed).

Of course, only working out in one time-scale and one pathway is not something that we want to do every day.  It is important to take advantage of the the timing and the systems that are being stressed on the days that contain these types of rest/work cycles.

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