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food_pyramidFirebird CrossFit will be participating in the next Whole Life Challenge during the eight weeks beginning Saturday, February 16th until Saturday,  April 13th.   Last years challenge was a fun event and represented a turning point for many new athletes in the gym.  Registration for athletes will open this Friday, January 18th,   The link to register will be sent to everybody and will also be available on our Facebook Page.

To prepare interested athletes for the Whole Life Challenge, Firebird CrossFit will host a “Potluck and Learn” pre-game event two weeks prior to the start of the game on Saturday, February 2nd at 11:30am.  Chuck will explain the rules and details of the game and answer any questions you may have.  Folks who successfully completed the challenge (looking at you, Derek and Judith) last time are encouraged to bring something challenge-compliant to eat and share some tips for success with the newbies.

The game will officially begin on Saturday February 16th at 9:30am with measurements and a preliminary WOD on Saturday, February 16th.  The workout will be a good measure of your basic conditioning, but will be suitable for even the newest CrossFitter.  (We will be announced shortly before the event–folks who come to the potluck will get the first peek!)

During the next 56 days, participants will build and maintain a healthy lifestyle in their daily life.  Using the Whole Life Challenge online tool, athletes will answer YES or NO about their daily habits to earn points for consistency in their nutrition, supplementation, workouts and mobility.  The results will be recorded and displayed on a virtual online scoreboard so athletes can hold each other accountable, celebrate each other’s progress and identify stumbling blocks to overcome.

The final event of the challenge will happen on Saturday, April 13th when participants will be re-measured and re-take the WOD.

Winners of the challenge will be determined using theses criteria: Workout improvement, Body Change, Consistency.  Winners will receive prizes, but everyone who consistently and diligently follows the challenge will receive the best prize of all: Increased fitness and improved health.




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