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Competing in the diet challenge is an opportunity to change your eating habits for life. It takes roughly 21 days to break a habit or start a new habit and this diet challenge is 26 days. A few more than 21 to make sure the change will stick.

Everyone who completes the challenge will win a healthier body, a more disease resistant body, decreased inflammation internally, knowledge about food, and the power to say no to unhealthy foods!

In addition to these things that everyone wins just by completing the challenge, however, we will also reward individuals who adhere best to the program, show the greatest increase in performance, and reward the team that does the best.

Last challenge the winning team received an additional 2 weeks to their membership. The first place winner received a pair of any Reebok shoes. That is a $150.00 value people! The runner-up received a 10-ounce bottle of SFH Fish Oil, $40.00 value (not to mention all the health benefits the fish oil will provide). Then third on the podium, was nothing short of a huge success, received a SR-3 Long Handle Bushing Speed Jump Rope, worth $27.00.

Remember, you can’t win any of this if you don’t try!

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