WODSTOCK, like WODAPOLOOZA but with more Love

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2013-01-11 22.23.05In January, we hosted our first 3-day guest event, and now, we are having another one!  The purpose of this event, just like the last one, is to share CrossFit with your friends.  This is a great time to bring that friend that has had to listen to you talk about CrossFit since you started.  The nice thing about WODSTOCK is that, usually, guests are not alone.  They do not have to come and workout in a class with you and all of your CrossFit buddies.  We also design partner WODs for three days so that your guest does not have to suffer through their WOD alone. Also, we know that you want to show your friends all the kick-ass things you can now do. It is fun, and the more the merrier!

Here are the general guidelines for WODSTOCK:

  1. You may bring anyone you like, even a guest you have brought before.
  2. You may bring multiple guests to a class.
  3. If you bring a different guest to each day, we add two weeks to your membership!
  4. The WODs are partner or team WODs with movements we know that your guests can learn quickly.
  5. You will act as an ambassador for your guests, introducing them and clarifying movements and CrossFit terms.
  6. WODSTOCK is three days, Thursday May 2nd to Saturday May 4th.



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