Your Positivity Ratio

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I have recently been reading some research on positive and negative self talk and the affect of your positive and negative emotions on your daily performance and your happiness in general.  Some research supports that if your ratio of positive to negative emotions daily is less than 3:1, then your performance and happiness is no higher than someone whose negative emotions outnumber their positive emotions (how depressing…).  Of course, if your positivity ratio is above 11:1 you are deluded megalomaniac with no touchstone in reality- apparently this is also bad for your happiness and performance.

What is positivity?  It is gratitude, joy, sillines, curiosity and a bunch of other good emotions.  Negativity includes fear, self doubt, disgust… you get the picture.  I took the positivity ratio self test.  It was interesting, but what I found even more useful was that you can sign up for a free online tool at the positivity ratio site to monitor your emotions online.  You take a positivity ratio test everyday, and you can even keep track of mood in different sections of your day.  The data that you input creates graphs of your moods.   Mental hygiene is often ignored in our pursuit of health, and this is a nifty tool to create more self awareness of your moods and emotions just like journalling your food makes you more aware of your diet.  If you are feeling stressed, it is worth having some data on the subject.  Give it a try and keep your emotional state as healthy as you are keeping your body.

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