Coach Jon

    Growing up in Phoenix didn’t stop me from being outside year-round.  I grew up competitively racing BMX.  I’ve always loved being active, trying new things and being around people that like to do the same.  Once I was forced to start adulting, I found that slowly but surely most of the activities I loved to do growing up were no longer a part of my life.  In an attempt to relive my glory days, I bought myself another BMX bike and started going back to the track.  Along with riding, I was also going to the gym and lifting weights.  I quickly found that the time commitment of both activities was not feasible.

    In mid-2016 my wife, Savanna, decided she wanted to try CrossFit.  Savanna joined Firebird.  She would not stop talking about it. Literally.  So, after a couple months of resistance, I joined Firebird as well.  I quickly found that CrossFit not only fulfilled my daily exercise goals, but it was also an outlet for the competitive side of me.  I could go on and on about the benefits of small class sizes, personalized coaching, constantly varied movements, community, etc., but I won’t – Google “why is CrossFit good”.
    As a coach, I love being a part of every Athlete’s journey with CrossFit.  I enjoy coaching Athletes through their successes, and helping them overcome their “failures”.

    CrossFit Level 1 Certified

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