Coach Sean
    I am an Arizona native and competitive by nature. My day job is managing a wine and spirits distribution warehouse and my night “job” or passion is being a dad, husband, and Coach. I enjoy getting outdoors with my friends and family, and playing with my kids, which is fitness in itself. My hobbies other than CrossFit include archery, hiking, snowboarding and wood working. In 2013 I noticed my body was not keeping up with my adventurous lifestyle and my hobby activity was dwindling. The conventional global gym setting was not for me so I googled this new fitness program I knew nothing about called CrossFit. Google led me to Firebird where I fell in love not only with a constantly varied and intense programming, the challenge and competitive outlet that it provides but also and most of all the community of which CrossFit has offered. Since then my journey has been nothing less than life changing.
    Coaching has given me the opportunity to help others meet their goals, become healthier and fit.  It is very rewarding each time someone learns something for the first time, whether it’s a functional movement such as squatting properly or more advanced movements like muscle ups.

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