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3,2,1.. GO. That is how every WOD starts, and then ends with you laying on the floor out of breath. The big question is how do you recover from that WOD? There is more to recovery than the protein shake after a workout.


So lets get down and dirty about what to do to recover after your WODs….



     This is one part of the recovery process we over look. Studies show that to help your body recover you need 7.5 hours or more of sleep a night. We talked in the last blog on how to get a better nights sleep, use those tips and get some rest.


    This sounds so easy, but there are some choice to make here. What is the best foods to eat after a WOD?

    1.Berries- They contain polyphenols. These antioxidants protect cells against damage.

    2. Eggs- Don’t skip the yoke.. eggs are high in protein and vitamin D. Both help fight muscle soreness and aid in muscle growth.

   3. Nuts- They are very high in vitamin E. This helps muscle strength and soreness.

   4. Cherries- They have anti-inflammatory properties, which are important in relieving muscle soreness.

Soaking/ Ice…

  After a WOD while watching some TV at night get out the ice pack. 20 min on one spot. This is one of the easiest things to do. Also try what is called soaking… this is even easier to do. Run a nice warm bath, and add some epsom salt. This helps relieve muscle soreness and opens your pores and releases toxins built up in the muscle. Also it is a nice way to relax and end your day.


 Time to get out that foam roller and have at it. This is also something that should be easy to do. 30 min a night while watching TV.. No foam roller not a problem..say hello to the lacrosse ball, every CrossFitters favorite piece of equipment.

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