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WillyWonka_161Pyxurz100 Golden Tickets have been made available to our UNLIMITED members for them to generously bestow upon their worthy friends and family.

If you are an UNLIMITED member, make sure you pick your tickets and make sure you hand them out to the COOLEST people you know in time for them to redeem them by the end of the month!

If you receive a ticket and you are already a member, you can redeem your ticket for a one-month upgrade to UNLIMITED.

Non-members will be able to redeem their ticket for a one month membership coming to three classes per week.

Again, tickets must be redeemed by August 31st !

We won’t tell you how you should bribe your  friend who so they’ll give you one of their tickets but here are some ideas:

Cook them dinner?

Wash their car?

A foot massage?


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