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Sunday saw the first day of the Old School Diet Challenge, and I hope that all challengers are off to a good start.  Each challenge, either Chuck or I- sometimes both, follow along strictly so we can share your journey (for some could read ‘journey’ as pain).

So lets look at the first day of the major meals:


breakfastThis is half a large heirloom tomato, a cup and a half of steamed beets and one fried egg.  The egg was cooked in olive oil and the veggies just have salt on them.  The beets I got at Costco, vacuum sealed and precooked with the only ingredient being BEETS.  If you like beets they are an easy addition to your diet for meals and snacks.




lunchThis is grilled shrimp brushed with olive oil and seasoned with cumin and cayenne pepper.  The veggies are two cups of braised bok choy and spinach.  To braise the greens, I just put a thin layer of chicken or veggie stock in a saute pan with garlic, bring to a boil then add the densest veggie first.  For example, I started cooking the stalk of the bok choy first for about 3 minutes then added the bok choy greens, and after a minute added the spinach.  Cook just until the greens turn an emerald color.



dinnerThis is curried Halibut with 1.5 cups of broccoli and about a cup of roasted asparagus.  I roasted about five of these portions of asparagus with 1 tbsp of olive oil and kosher salt.  I steamed about four portions of broccoli and added 1 tsp of Ghee and salt.  The fish is more complicated as it is cooked with red peppers and onions.  The recipe will follow tomorrow!

For snacks throughout the day, I had smaller portions of the above like 3 shrimp and a couple of beets, or some asparagus spears and a scant handful of broccoli.  For drinks I had water and black and herbal tea throughout the day.  If you are in the challenge you will see the meal sheet from this day.


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