Helen PR Challenge

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helenWe will be having our first PR challenge this month, Saturday the 25th.  Basically, it is a two part, in house competition.  I know that everyday there is a competition of sorts and the leader boards are evidence of that, but this is a little different.  While we are excited about athletes RXing and getting great times, we are also very excited about IMPROVEMENT which is a little harder to compare person to person when we have so many different levels.

For a PR Challenge we have a preliminary WOD and a final WOD eight weeks later.  The person with the greatest improvement in score wins.  The WOD we will be using to measure your improvement is a classic, Helen.  Helen is three rounds of 400m run, 21 kettlebell swings (24/16) and 12 pull ups.

So start the trash talk now, throw down the gauntlet, and we will see who can conquer Helen in 8 weeks.

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