Open 14.5 Strategy and Tips

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This is the first ever Open WOD that is task oriented and not time limited. Therefore, it is critical to break up your reps so you are able to complete the entire WOD and not die out beforehand. Instead of thinking you are going to go unbroken on the first round, try and go unbroken on the 18s and then grind through the 15s is a bad idea. If this is your mentality for the workout you are going to focus more on going unbroken than completing the workout in a good time. Focus on form and efficiency by breaking your rounds up into sets. At the most break your rounds up into 3 sets. Remember, this is a descending WOD so you will do less and less reps each round. Which is awesome right?

As far as the movements go lets talk about the thruster. It is important to keep the barbell rested on your shoulders. Do not do every rep holding the barbell in your arms. Your arms will give out faster than Justin Bieber in a headlock! Focus on your breathing by inhaling when you are descending and exhaling when you are ascending. This will set a good pace and keep your heart rate down.

Burpees! When engaging in these lovely guys try and be efficient on your movement. Lay flat on the ground and when you go to stand up focus on getting your legs as straight as possible. If you have to do a squat every time you do a burpee your quads are going to be fried for the thrusters. Also, do not go fast on the burpees! Going slightly faster on the burpees only to rest 10-30 seconds on the bar is not worth it. When you jump over the bar use as little energy as needed. Get over the bar but don’t jump so high you are reaching a foot higher and landing two feet past the bar.

Most importantly, this is the last WOD of the Open. Have fun, embrace the suck, and finish what you’ve started! Eighty-four thrusters and eighty-four burpees is going to be brutal but next time we do Fran you will think it’s a piece of cake!

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