Personal Defense Strategies Level 2

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On Saturday, August 24th from Noon until 4pm,  our friends from  Maximum Defense will be back at Firebird CrossFit teaching the Level 2 Personal Defense Strategies class.

Like I said at the introduction to last week’s Level 1 course, this is an awesome course. No BS.  No spinning back kicks.  Just simple and effective techniques to keep you safe.

The second course takes 4 hours and builds upon all the stuff they taught in the Level 1.

In this course you will be introduced to the body’s startle response.  This is the primal protective mechanism inside each and every one of us, which a trained individual can use to turn any attack back on the aggressor and get to safety.

You’ll also learn how to fend off many common attacks using practical, but highly effective, techniques to defend against attacks including attacks where a weapon (blunt, edged, or even a handgun) is involved.

If you fend off just ONE attacker trying to murder you, then this course would have totally been worth the $115 it normally costs. Nevertheless, we are extending the early bird price of $85.

Take advantage of this deal.

You can sign up online here…or just let us know you want to attend.

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