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Many of you answered some questions about our strength program on Monday.  There were five questions, most having to do with how to find a 1RM, progress throughout the week on the Basic Strength program and how to add up weights.  This quiz was designed by Chuck after a discussion we had about how well we were informing athletes about how to use the Strength Series.


Here are the average results by class time:

5:30 am-  88%
6:30 am- 60%
7:30 am- 55%
9:00 am- 80%
Noon- 100%
4:30 pm- 84%
5:30 pm- 100%
6:30 pm- 87%

The most commonly missed question had to do with how much you add to your shoulder press (2.5), unless you were in the 4:30pm class where the most missed question was ‘Did you bring your WOD Book?’. There were a few people who definitely did not know how to navigate the strength series- I did not count people who had yet to pass their Level One test in this average. If you have questions about the strength program, ask a coach or check out the article Chuck wrote a while back.
The strength program is important to your health and consistency is the key.

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