In Workouts of the Day (WODS)


Saturday September 23 Ropes Course Flagstaff. Sunday September 24 Horton Springs hike. No Classes. Please join us for one or both events. If you can’t make it, use your fitness to try a new sport, or play a game!

Firebird CrossFit – All Levels


Metcon (Time)

Partner wod in the Park

KB Overhead Walking Lunges/ Air Squats

RX+ 24kg/16kg

RX 16kg/12kg

Fitness comfortable weight

Sled Pulls/ Push Ups

2 45lb plates male/1 45lb plat female

Dumb Bell Farmers Carry/Sit Ups

RX+ 32kg/24kg

RX 24kg/16kg

Fitness comfortable weight

1 person works/1 person performs reps

Distance will 50 yards, each partner must complete 100 yards

While partner is completing movement carry/pull other partner will accomplish as many reps as possible of stationary movement.

Score is total time – reps(1 rep=1 sec.)

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