The Letter of the Diet vs. The Spirit of the Diet

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bPq8TWe are comfortably into the Whole Life Challenge, and you should be feeling good.  Gone are the processed foods and sodas.  It is already a huge change from the way your might have been eating over, say, the holidays.  Now is a great time to regroup and make sure that you are following the Spirit of the Diet not just the Letter of the Diet.  You may be avoiding grains like the plague, but if you are typically eating more beans, nuts, fruits and protein than veggies, you are denying yourself premium results in the end.

Technically, you could have steak, pinto beans and bananas with almond butter all day long- the Letter of the Law, but if you want better results in the end, you should try to follow the Spirit of the Law.

Basically, your meals and snacks should start with vegetables.  Veggies are the base of the diet.  Then you should decide on the protein and fat that will accompany your vegetable.  You also do not need fruit every, single day, unless that fruit is always a berry.  Your meals should be a plate full of veggies of different colors, a palm-sized portion of protein and a quarter-sized portion of fat.

If you are following the Spirit of the Diet, you are replacing high calorie, low nutrient foods (like pasta, bread, candy) with low calorie, high nutrient foods (VEGETABLES).  This aids in more than just fat loss, but also in hydration, and acid/base balance in the body.  So experiment with more veggie snacks and try to get 6-8 cups of veggies a day.  You will feel good, lose fat, and people will generally like you better.


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