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221522-main_FullThis weekend we can spend some time in the cold…together.  I know you will hardly recognize anyone if they are not drenched in sweat, but it will be a nice change.  What is even nicer is that Shacara and Eric have offered to give us some pointers (on ice skating).  So come by, learn how to skate better or in my case, learn to skate at all.  Check out the event on the FBC Facebook Page.

Where:  Chandler Polar Ice, 7225 W Harrison St  Chandler, AZ 85226

When:  Starts at 12:30

Also, some of the competition kids will be competing at CrossFit Trust starting ta 8am, so if you were looking to fill up some time between 8am and 12:30 while you wait around to ice skate, go out and show your support!

Where:  CrossFit Trust, 4811 E. Julep St. Suite 110 Mesa, AZ

When: Starts at 8am

Of course we have regularly scheduled classes too.  Between all of that, we should be seeing you on Saturday.

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