Veggie Soup for the CrossFitters Soul

 In Stuff We Say

What is CrossFit? We have all heard that question from just about every friend and co worker we have. And I am sure we all have a rehearsed answer for it. I know I did for a long time.

Recently my description of what CrossFit is has changed. Not only is CrossFit and my Box a place for me to get in shape but it is my home away from home. My happy place if you will. My box is somewhere I go to get away from whatever has gotten to me for that day, a place where everyone knows my name…lol.

What most people that want to know what CrossFit is all about, never get to hear how much of a family most Boxes are. There is never “I Can’t” there is “I will try” and there will be 15 people there to cheer me on as I come out of my comfort zone. Its doesn’t matter when I finished, 15 people will be telling me good job and keep going. I have never been to a place with so many positive people. This is my extended family, this is where I met my best friend. Tell me a place that you can go that there are so many people from all walks of life that are so supportive?

So the next time someone says to you “What is CrossFit?” Tell them all the physical work that goes into it, but don’t forget to tell them how it feels emotionally not just physically. CrossFit can be scary and way outside most people’s comfort zone. Put their fears at ease and also tell them about the community and how you feel about your box!!

Thank each and everyone of you for being a part of my life 🙂

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