What is Insulin??

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Let’s talk about Insulin and Glycemic Index and how our food choices make a difference.

What is Glycemic Index? This ranks carbs according to their effect on our blood glucose level. The scale rates from 0-100 with sugar being the highest on the index.

Next Question. What is insulin? Insulin is a hormone that causes body cells to take up glucose from the blood stream, storing it as glycogen. When insulin is absent or low, glucose is not taken up by most body cells and your body begins to use fat as an energy source.

So to keep my insulin down and let my body use fat for energy what foods should I stay away from? Foods that cause insulin levels to spike are…
1. White Rice
2. Sugar( cakes, oreo, donuts)
3. Pizza
4. Pasta
5. White Potatoes

There are plenty of foods that keep your insulin levels stable…
1. Berries
2. Light yogurt
3. Hummus
5. Bean

We always stress MORE VEGGIES. This is because most veggies have a ZERO glycemic index rating. Replace your high glycemic carbs with MORE VEGGIES and you can avoid these high insulin spike and lose weight faster.

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