Wicked West Volunteer Assignments

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These two sheets outline the plan for Volunteers for the Wicked West Challenge.



The Sheets are laid out from time from left to right with an assignment for each volunteer during that time.

Some abbreviations and definitions:
HMFIC- Chuck, unless Nicky is around.
CAPTAIN- the person in charge of the WOD, tabulating scores, moving equipment or something else.
G2OH- “Ground to Overhead” is the 1RM WOD on Saturday
AGILITY- this means the Obstacle/Agility Course WOD on Saturday and Sunday
UNBROKEN- this is the 3×3-minute AMRAP WOD on Saturday
HANG C&J- this is the 200 Hang Clean and Jerk Team WOD on Sunday
D2MAT- this is the WOD taking place at the Pull Up bars on Sunday (30 Deadlifts, etc)
CHECK IN- this person will check athletes into the WOD.
JUDGE- you will be verifying and recording athletes performance
RUNNER- runs scoresheets from te WOD location to the scoring team
SCORING TEAM- Scott, mostly
EQUIPMENT/RESET/TEAR DOWN means we want you to help move equipment around
AWARD CEREMONY TEAM- means we want your help preparing awards, prizes and getting the podiums ready
FLAG HOLDER- will hold the US Flag during the National Anthem/Opening Ceremony
TIMER- will operate the WOD clock
AIR HORN- just what it sounds like

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