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In case you missed it, we’re hosting a Fantasy CrossFit Games competition this year.

The tables below show all of the athletes who made it to the 2013 Games, which region they were from, how well they finished, and how many fantasy points they would have generated if we had been doing this last year.  This is a good place to start for determining which athletes you want to draft for your fantasy team this year.

You can learn some interesting things from these numbers.  For example, David Levey only finished 32nd at the Games, but had the 9th most fantasy points.  Levey racked up lots of points during the Open and Regionals, thanks in part to being from the Africa region where CrossFit is much newer and the overall level of competition not as strong (yet).

On the other side of that coin is Lindsey Valenzuela, who took 2nd at the Games but was only 15th in fantasy points.  Valenzuela is from the SoCal region — one of the oldest and strongest CrossFit communities — and wasn’t able to get as many top finishes during the Open and Regionals due to all the tough competition.

Then again, a fantasy match win during the Games is worth more than a win during the Open or Regionals, so Valenzuela’s fantasy performance may have been more valuable than it looks from those numbers.  Just one more thing for you to consider …

Rich FroningCentral East1548
Jason KhalipaNorthern California2532
Josh BridgesSouthern California7487
Ben SmithMid Atlantic3485
Scott PanchikCentral East4481
Garret FisherNorthern California5464
Marcus HendrenCentral East6449
Neal MaddoxNorthern California9439
Albert-Dominic LaroucheCanada East12433
David LeveyAfrica32429
Lacee KovacsEurope25413
Justin AllenNorth Central17411
Ben StonebergNorth West16403
Dan BaileyCentral East8401
Kenneth LeverichSouthern California28392
Tyson TakasakiCanada West23392
Daniel TyminskiNorth East34391
Daniel PetroSouth East13381
Simon PaquetteCanada East26377
ZA AndersonSouth East10375
Lucas ParkerCanada West19372
Rob ForteAustralia33364
Bryan MillerNorth West31362
Frederik AegidiusEurope15361
Orlando TrejoLatin America43358
Graham HolmbergCentral East14351
Wes PiattSouthern California35336
Travis MayerSouth East18327
Matt ChanSouth West21326
Mikko AronpaaEurope30325
Matt HathcockSouth West29322
Michael MogardAsia46315
Roy GamboaSouth Central22314
Kyle KasperbauerNorth Central20312
Jordan TroyanMid Atlantic24308
Chad MackayAustralia11302
Marcus FillyNorthern California37290
Gary HelmickMid Atlantic38286
Eric MageeNorth East39283
Alex NetteyNorth Central36280
Austin MalleoloNorth East41279
Brandon SwanAustralia45275
Zachary ForrestSouth West42270
Aja BartoSouth Central27253
Ryan SwobodyNorth West44251
Mike McGoldrickSouth Central40242


Samantha BriggsEurope1548
Alessandra PichelliNorthern California4521
Christy PhillipsMid Atlantic7501
Jenn JonesSouth Central6495
Kara WebbAustralia12478
Valerie VoborilSouthern California3472
Rebecca VoigtSouthern California11459
Talayna FortunatoSouth East5452
Michele LetendreCanada East13447
Camille Leblanc-BazinetCanada East16443
Kaleena LadeairousNorth East19442
Michelle KinneyCentral East8438
Rory ZambardNorth West14437
Jennifer SmithCentral East22436
Lindsey ValenzuelaSouthern California2434
Deborah Cordner CarsonNorth Central21429
Stacie TovarNorth Central20428
Elisabeth AkinwaleNorth Central10426
Ruth Anderson HorrellAustralia15425
Emily CarothersNorth West23419
Katrin Tanja DavidsdottirEurope24407
Anna TunnicliffeSouth East9403
Nicole TainatongoAsia39390
Danielle HoranNorth East18381
Caroline FryklundEurope17378
Tiffany HendricksonSouth West31375
Erin LightCanada West27371
Kristan CleverSouthern California32370
Carla Nunes da CostaAfrica38367
Natalie McLainSouth West30366
Emily FriedmanSouth East25360
Michelle CrawfordMid Atlantic33359
Pip MaloneAustralia36354
Courtney ModeckiLatin America42343
Margaux AlvarezNorthern California26341
Cassidy LanceSouth Central29339
Amanda GoodmanNorth East35335
Lindy WallCentral East28335
Ashleigh MoeNorth West43329
Holly MataSouth Central37323
Gretchen KittelbergerMid Atlantic34322
Ashley CarriveauNorthern California41299
Heather GillespieCanada West44286
Emmalee TeriberySouth West40245
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