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What makes CrossFit so unique is the “all-inclusive” nature of the sport. In fact, the oldest athlete at our box is 64 and the youngest is 10! In this large array of athletes we have all different levels: some want to compete in regionals, others are here to be healthy, and a few simply enjoy the community aspect of the box.

Despite everyone’s differences the prescription doesn’t change, only the dose. All of our athletes can complete Fran (the prescription) however the weights (the dose) might need to be modified. So while our newer athletes are taking on Fran they may be doing 45 lb. thrusters and using a band on the pull-ups. Our fierce competitors, on the other hand, do Fran as prescribed to them – 95 lb. thrusters for guys and 65 lb. thrusters for women, both with no assistance on the pull-ups.

As the box prescribes the workout to people it does so with a goal in mind. For Fran, the goal is to increase your work capacity when you’re using your glycolytic energy system. The glycolytic pathway is one of three ways the body is able to provide energy to its muscles. Unfortunately, this wonderful system only works for about two minutes then it switches to the aerobic system. Therefore, keeping in mind of our goal, we modify the dose so our athletes stress their glycolytic pathway.

Regardless of your age, gender, or athletic ability every person can benefit from doing Fran. Stressing your cells this way is optimal for burning fat, increasing your immune system, and enhancing your psychological well-being.

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