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CrossFit is a bit of a cult, and CrossFitters pride themselves of the uniqueness of their chosen sport.  Buying for a CrossFitter is not as easy as hopping down to the local Reebok store (even though they have the cutest knee-high socks).  Following are some gift suggestions that your CrossFitter will love:



CrossFitters love CrossFit t-shirts.  While they will not turn their nose up at plain Under Armour T’s, they will be surprised and delighted to receive a comfortable T-shirt with a witty CrossFit saying or graphic.  For women especially, LIFE AsRx has an incredible variety of T-shirts.  The great bonus is that most of their T’s are sold for under $30.



Again, it seems like CrossFitters should be able to wear the shorts that everyone else wears when they workout- but wait, they have to run, squat, climb a rope, and scale a wall, and shouldn’t those shorts have kettle bells on them?  2POOD has a great selection of CrossFit-stylish  and functional shorts for both men and women. Mens shorts are anywhere from $50-$55 and women’s are $20-$37 (less material I guess…)



Does your CrossFitter really need compression pants?  Well, they do look super-cool under the 2POOD shorts, and they keep your legs warm and protected from rope burn and abrasions.  They are not really necessary for everyday WODing, but they do help help with recovery when worn during competition days or long distance runs.  These pants from SPUN Appareal are an affordable $45.





Do you wonder why your CrossFitter always wears long pants to work?  They are probably hiding nicks, bruises, skins and scrapes that can happen in during the course of an intense barbell, rope climb or box jump workout.  Now they can protect their legs with these neoprene calf sleeves that are thicker than spandex, but still easy to put on and not a nuisance to work out in.  These sleeves come in black or red from 2POOD.  This shin protection is a mere $30.



Most CrossFitters have the hands of dock workers.  There is not need to continue to chew through the skin on the palms of your hands.  Many have tried gymnastic mitts, gloves, weird skin care rituals, but none of those things were designed especially for CrossFitters.  NorCal RX has designed a hand protection solution, WOD wraps, that is placed on the bar, not your hand.  It is a sleeve that promises more kipping and lifting and less tearing and ripping. About $25.



Who doesn’t like a little extra support every now and then?  Rouge wrist wraps are a great WOD accessory for CrossFitters.  These are light weight and adjustable with enough support to get your through Fran or Randy without noticing that they are on.  They come in several sizes for your petite or super-sized CrossFitter.  $12-$18.



What CrossFitter cannot find a use for plain ‘ole athletic tape?  If the above is too pricey or fancy for your CrossFitter, just grab a couple of roles of this and stuff it in their stocking. About $3.



Bags and Totes


Stop throwing your clothes and shoes in a plastic Target bag.  This is a great everyday gym bag from LIFE AsRx.  It is roomy without being bulky and has compartments for your jump rope, recovery drink, phone, and even a separate compartment for shoes (one pair-you will just have to tie your oly shoes together and throw them over the bag). $42.



While this is not made by CrossFitters for CrossFitters, it is still a great gym bag design from REI.  Should you want a bag that is a bit more feminine than the one above this is a great decision.  The REI Balance Gym Bag has a separate compartment for your shoes, smaller sections for phone, wallet and keys, and it has a side strap to hold a yoga mat (read Foam Roller for CrossFitters).  It is reasonably priced and can actually be purchase in person at the REI store. $60


Ths Mandarina Duck  Isi Duffle is the Cadillac of all duffle bags.  It has light colored lining to contrast with the bag making items easier to find. The material is the highest quality.  It has amazingly thought out compartments, and of course a separately lined compartment for shoes- bigger than the above bags.  If money is no object this is the bag for you. $250



CrossFitters are notorious for packing their own lunch.  Most have a random assortment of gladware in an old tote, plastic bag, or beat up cooler.  It seems impossible to find the right sized container at 5am, and you end up packing your tablespoon of guac in a plate-sized container.  Lunchsense has a better way to pack your lunch.  These insulated lunch boxes fold out into a placemat and have storage containers that are made to fit exactly.  Storage containers come with removable partitions for all configuration of lunches.  They have a variety of colors and sizes, but I imagine most CrossFitters need the large lunch box. $48



Rock Tape is used for both stability and mobility.  It is place on the athlete- preferably by a knowledgeable coach or Physical Therapist- and can be worn for several days.  It reduces pain, increase stability and blood flow to keep your CrossFitter’s range of motion full.  There are many varieties of Rock Tape design from blue argyle to winged skulls. $19



No this is not some sort of CrossFit bondage accessory.  VooDoo Floss is the latest and greatest in mobility.   This is a great high-intensity compression wrap used to increase range of motion in previously injured tissue. If your CrossFitter has a tweaky shoulder, knee, elbow or wrist they will appreciate the extra care.  Use it before and after a WOD to keep your joints uninflamed and healthy.  $24



Foam Rolling is great for self-myofascial release-get your mind out of the gutter.  Intense WODs can cause grisly knots of connective tissue and muscle that need to rolled out.  The Rumble Roller from Rogue is for serious CrossFit recovery and body maintenance.  Not for the feint of heart, this roller gets deeper and harder (for better release; ) than traditional smooth rollers.  If your CrossFitter is new to foam rolling get the original density, compact. $45- $70



Lacrosse balls are a great tool for mid-sized knots that the foam roller is not pinpointing.  Your CrossFitter will need three balls, one to use by itself and two to tape side-by-side  to be used on either side of the spine.   Roll, press, move and release.  Great for self care. $3




Yes, your CrossFitter will need a polished wooden stick.  They are easily entertained.  This is a Thai Massage Stick used for smaller pressure points and myofascial release.  It is great for those areas on the feet,hands, neck and even face that are too small or remote to use a Lacrosse ball on.  If you are nice, maybe your CrossFitter will even massage you. About $6.




You are probably tired of counting your CrossFitter’s Tabata Intervals (one Mississippi, two Mississippi…).  What you need is the new GYMBOSS MAX timer.  This timer is easy to program and now can save up to 15 different interval programs to accommodate your imaginative CrossFitter. $30



CrossFitters love to make data driven decisions.  Here is the ultimate data tool; a hip electronic bracelet that tracks movement and allows you to log your workouts and meals, but the very best feature of the UP from Jawbone is the sleep tracking.  It has gotten great reviews on how accurate it is in knowing when you fall asleep how often your wake, and you can even set power nap alarms that start timing when it knows you are asleep.  Right now this works only with iPhone, but they are soon to have an Android app too. $130


Snacks and Sustenance

Stronger, Faster, Healthier has the cleanest, tastiest protein powder available.  They sell their product in bulk, but these single serving pouches are perfect for transport to and from the gym, and bonus, they fit in a stocking.  Paired with a good blender bottle, your CrossFitter will never be caught at the gym without a recovery drink. $30 for 10.



CrossFitters hate extraneous chemicals in their food even if that food is tasty jerky.  Tanka Bites are a great snack; and since modern-day primal eating cannot provide a CrossFitter with Woolly Mammoth jerky, buffalo is the next best thing. You can order it online or get it in person at REI. $15/two packs



If your CrossFitter is a little more relaxed about the use of honey in their snacks this is a great product.  It has a touch of sweetness that will not overwhelm the sugar-sensitive taste buds of your CrossFitter.  PaleoPeople Crunch is also pretty tasty with coconut milk if you are yearning for cereal.  It comes in banana, cacao, apple and for caffeine junkies- cappuccino. $10/two packs



CrossFitters don’t eat chocolate everyday, but if they are going to, it better have bacon in it!  Your CrossFitter will know you truly understand him when he finds this Chuao Maple Bacon Chocolate bar in his stocking.  It really does taste amazing. You can purchase online or find it at your local REI. $7



These are a few of several ideas.  The box (if you do not know what a box is then you don’t really know a CrossFiter) that your CrossFitter goes to probably has gift cards for merchandise, training session or mobility/bodywork sessions.  Those are also very much appreciated by your CrossFitter.  I don’t get any kick-backs from any of these vendors; these products are, in fact, things I would love to see in my stocking and under my tree- just in case you were wondering what to get your coach. Happy Holidays and have fun shopping!


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