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Measuring-Endurance-Performance-Lactate-Threshold-Running-Economy,-or-VO2-Max--We have been experimenting with endurance-focused workouts that we are calling “EWODs” led by our CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Endurance trained Coach Linnea Miller who was introduced to CrossFit in 2010.  Coming from an endurance background, she wanted to find a way to combine the two ways of training.  Brian MacKenzie’s CrossFit Endurance and CrossFit programming worked wonders and led her to personal records in various distance endurance events.  Not only did CrossFit improve her endurance and stamina, but the CrossFit Endurance program improved her overall power, strength, and speed in both endurance events and everyday CrossFit WODs.

Based on the response we’ve received this month, we’ve decided to keep programming these WODs and beginning in March they will be offered three times a week: Tuesdays (5:30pm), Thursdays (5:30pm) and Saturdays (10:30am). We will look at changing these times with the seasons and expanding the number of classes with increasing demand.

EWODs are set up very similarly to a WOD.  The differences are instead of the strength series, you will work on skills and drills to improve your running and rowing techniques – both of which are vital to understand from basics in order to add intensity and volume.  The technique behind running can be taught in a day, but will take consistent practice and commitment to master.  The goal is to improve your overall stamina and endurance while making you efficient runners, rowers, etc.  Every class will then have an EWOD which will be either at a time trial, interval, or tempo effort.  Sample: 6×200 sprint with a 2 minute recovery time – the goal to hold each 200 within 2-3 seconds of each other.

Like we said, the information regarding CrossFit Endurance could be communicated in one day, but unless you put in the effort to truly practice the drills and complete the EWODs, you will not suddenly become an amazing endurance athlete.  It takes time to learn technique and get faster, just like it takes time to understand the mechanics of the snatch and complete WODs RX’d.  With EWOD attendance and dedication, you will learn to run efficiently, become strong, faster, and more powerful, and create a higher level of endurance throughout all athletic endeavors.

Beginning next month, Firebird CrossFit members will be able to purchase a package to add all three Endurance WODs to their memberships and those who have a 3xweek or more membership will have the option to purchase EWODs by the class.  These packages will be sold on a month-to-month basis.

We will also begin offering EWOD-only memberships for athletes who want to add a CrossFit flavor to their endurance training.

The pricing for these new options can be seen below.




EWOD Package

(Per month for 12 EWODs)

Ala cart EWODs







Standard (3xWeek)


$10 per class

Premium (4xWeek)


$8 per class




$5 per class


EWOD Only Memberships

2 EWODs/ Week $110/month minimum 3 months
3 EWODs/ Week $135/month minimum 6 months


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