Food As Fuel Class

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Food is fuelNew in July is our Food As Fuel Class.  This will be held the third Saturday of each month at 11:00 am; meaning our first Food as Fuel Class will be July 20th.   Our Food as Fuel Class will include information about popular CrossFit diets, grocery shopping, eating out, and recipes.  The class is an hour long and, depending on the topic that day, we may meet at the gym, at the grocery store or at our house for a cooking demo.

Not only will we be talking about basic lifestyle choices, we will also discuss how food can enhance our performance in the WODs.  Each class will have a different focus, but they do not have to be taken as a series for you to get something out of them.  The class will be free to unlimited members and cost $10 less your membership discount for all others.  In addition, if you missed a WOD that week, you can attend the Food as Fuel class instead.

We are excited about the Food As Fuel Class as  so much of our health revolves around the food choices we make.



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