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CrossFit-Back-PainI know that you know mobility is important.  Most of you have learned mobility techniques with the lacrosse ball, foam roller or even the bar, but sometimes self care is not quite enough especially if you have an old injury or you started CrossFit lacking some mobility.  We have two athletes in the gym that are great body-care professionals, Doc and Jeanette.  Doc is our own CrossFit PT, and you can make appointments with him at the gym, and you can look forward to mobility clinics designed by him, Kari and Staci (the twins if you have met them).  They can really jump start your mobility and give you a course of self care.

Jeanette is also a great resource for mobility.  She is a professional in structural integration.  What does that mean?  Well, many people may call it massage therapy, but unfortunately, when we think of massage therapists we tend to think of the relaxing, soothing, fragrant oil kind.  Jeanette is truly a professional massage THERAPIST.  She works on athletes from the Diamond Backs and Coyotes, and she is a fellow CrossFitter. Also, this month she has a special- buy one get one free massages (her cards are in the gym and she works out at 6:30pm)

Jeanette owns Tranquil Massage.  I go to see Jeanette every Friday, and every Friday I chuckle at the name on the door of to her office.  The massage I receive from Jeanette is anything but tranquil, but it is effective and definitely therapeutic.  My mobility through my hip flexors and shoulders has increased dramatically, and she has really helped to manage my chronic pain.

I know that many of you think I am some sort of sadist, but the discomfort of an hour of true body work is worth it considering the comfort of the other 23 hours (22 if you are WODing) in the day and my reduced risk of injury.  Frankly, in my line of work, I should have been seeing her from the beginning.

Mobility is important, and sometimes we cannot reach it on our own, or we might just need a hard shove in the right direction.  Doc and Jeanette are great resources.  If you have a tweaky shoulder or a cannot squat to depth do not let things get worse until you are injured; at very least, grab a lacrosse ball and start mobilizing.

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