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maxveggieWhen an athlete finds Paleo, do their kids follow suit, does their spouse?  I cannot imagine anything more inspiring for my own will power than to know that my behavior with food will influence that of my son (my spouse is pretty much on board, so no worries there).  While Paleo is not the only answer as a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet, it is a very good one.

Depending on the age of your children and the period in life you discovered the benefits of Paleo, getting your kids to switch to Paleo could be difficult.  The Whole 9 Blog has some wonderful articles on this subject.  One article speaks of three different approaches to transitioning to Paleo to include cold turkey switch, slowly exchanging bad foods for good, and the ‘I am sorry, we have run out’ method where you just gradually let the bad stuff run out as you replace with only good stuff.  They also offer some great advice in another article from researchers on how to get your kids to try new, healthy foods, like being a good role model and arranging more appetizing plates.

If you are at a loss as to what to feed your children, there are some wonderful recipe sites:  Nom Nom Paleo did a week of school lunches, and Primal Bliss did a full month.  For those of you who are not strictly Paleo, Elana’s Pantry is a great source of kid-friendly, healthy recipes.

I was in graduate school before I really understood what a healthy diet was.  Luckily, I can pass this information and (hopefully) my best eating habits along to Max.

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