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Christmas Bodyweight Workout



Jumping Lunges

Clapping Push-ups

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Here is a workout you can still to do at home with your families! It shouldn’t take too long and it requires minimal warm-up and no equipment, so no excuses!


Time to complete the workout.

WOD Goal

Everyone: The goal is to get up and moving on Christmas Day because most likely the rest of the day will be spent either sitting, eating or sleeping (from too much eating!) It’s also a fun opportunity to connect with your family through movement, make them join in. Any of these movements can be done by non-CrossFitters!

There is a lot of dynamic movement with the Jumping Lunges and Clapping Push-ups, so people will start to fatigue pretty quickly. Ideally, the Lunges will be done unbroken and the Push-ups will be done in 3+ sets per round for most people. They might want to pick a number they know they can get on the Push-ups and take a quick rest once they have reached it. The goal is to not go to failure on the Push-ups, as they are hard to recover from.

The Kick-backs will also jack up their heart rates and are a little faster than Burpees since they require less range of motion. They might use these to take a breather and slow down before getting back into the Jumping Lunges!

There is no time cap, just get it down anyhow



Jumping Lunges: Scale to Walking Lunges

Clapping Push-ups: Scale to regular Push-ups. Elevate the hands if you need to scale further.

Kick-backs: Elevate the hands to a box or bench if needed.

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