New WOD Schedule and Class Levels

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Beginning July 1st, we will begin this new WOD schedule.

In addition to our two existing levels (ALL LEVELS and INTERMEDIATE), we are adding an ADVANCED level.

As part of this effort, we are also clarifying what our class levels mean including the requirements to attend each level:

ALL LEVELS- This level is for beginners, intermediates (who have passed their Level 1 test) and advanced athletes. In other words, ANYONE can attend this class.  Most of our classes ( 28 of 42 weekly classes including our Thursday 5:30 Mobility class) are ALL LEVELS.  The instruction in these classes will not assume any previous CrossFit knowledge.  In other words, while we will not ignore the needs of intermediate or advanced athletes, these classes are geared toward beginners and instruction will begin at this level.

INTERMEDIATE- This level is for intermediate and advanced athletes.  There will be 12 Intermediate classes weekly.  Athletes in this class should have all passed their Level 1 test or receive a exception to this policy from Chuck or Nicky. The level of instruction in this class will assume you have a basic understanding and competency in the nine foundation movements, the Olympic lifts, basic barbell lifts and other common CrossFit movements. You should understand the standards for these movements. If you are an intermediate athlete, you shoudl try to attend these classes at least once per week as the level of instruction will begin at a level more appropriate for you and you will have the opportunity to learn more.

ADVANCED-This level is for athletes who have moved beyond intermediate competency.  There will be only two ADVANCED classes per week. These athletes should be able to perform most WODs as RX’d and be able to perform advanced movements.  The  test to enter the  ADVANCED level classes will be a WOD offered on a periodic schedule that qualifies athletes for the Advanced level. The first test will be Tuesday July 2nd at 5:30pm (the first ADVANCED level class).

In addition to class levels, we also want you to know about some other features of our new schedule:

OPEN GYM- This will be a time where athletes who have an UNLIMITED membership may lift, work on skills or perform WODs they missed during the week.  There will be a coach present who is most likely performing other duties (admin, counseling athletes, getting a workout in, etc), but OPEN GYM means just that- you have access to floorspace and equipment, not access to the coach.  There may also be cleaning crews during this time and athletes using the OPEN GYM must make way for cleaners trying to get their job done.

7:30PM CLASSES-  7:30pm classes will NOT begin on July 1st, however we are interested in hearing from you regarding your interest for this time slot. These classes will be an ALL LEVELS class.

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