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ContinuousImprovementAs you may have read in our email to you earlier today, all athletes in the gym will soon be assigned a primary coach- either Chuck or Nicky (We know you’re dying to find out, but you’ll just have to wait).

This coach will be responsible for tracking your progress and conducting counseling sessions that should be completed every three months.  These progress review sessions are included in every membership package that we offer and are a critical step in your growth as an athlete. If you haven’t been taking advantage of these- you are going to start.

The purpose of your training at Firebird CrossFit is continual, never-ending improvement.  You are always progressing, always getting better.  If you’re making progress- we want to recognize and appreciate it and use it fuel and motivate you.  Sometimes, there are set backs and hiccups, but even then, the overall trend must be upward.  If you plateau or backslide, it is important to figure out why as soon as possible and make the necessary corrections before too much time is wasted or too much damage done. These sessions will be the time we sit together to assess, reflect and re-energize with a clear way forward.

We have over a hundred athletes and our numbers are increasing almost daily.  Some of you have been taking advantage of these sessions but most of you have not.  Over the next couple months, we will need to catch up on counselings so please be patient.  Sitting down with each and every one of you and spending a meaningful hour is a huge undertaking.  But it is worth it to us because the improvements you make are our credentials.

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