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paleo-diet-300x200I have had many requests from athletes for an Old School Diet Challenge.  Our last few diet challenges have been through the Whole Life Challenge which provides a great platform and advice, but it does not have the accountability of the diet challenges of old.

The diet challenge we will be holding will consist of food journaling with weekly turn-ins, journal grading by us and feed back each week through points, meetings  and e-mails.  The diet will be typically Paleo choices with simplified Zone portions.  We have found that this is the best results for those wanting to lose fat.

Since there has been lots of demand we will begin our nutrition challenge the same day as the Helen PR challenge as they will compliment one another.  The winner of one could easily be the winner of the other as we know diet and performance go hand in hand (how easy will 36 pull-ups be when you are 15 pounds lighter?).

After the Helen PR Challenge on May 25th, we will hold an information session on the Summer Diet Challenge.  In addition to the the initial meeting we will meet after two weeks as a group to discuss recipes, challenges and tips.  The Challenge will end June 29th, and, of course, there will be prize money for the winners.

As this diet challenge requires and almost Big-Brother level of oversight we will be charging $50 for the challenge and we will be limiting participation to 30 people (this is about the number that we can adequately counsel and track).  Let us know if you are interested in participating via e-mail, and we will send you more information.

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