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I can finally use my new lunchbox!  Oh Happy Day!  I have been so sick that I have not had time to cook or the inclination to eat enough to warrant carrying it in my super-cool, hot pink lunch box.  I ordered this from Lunchsense when I first researched the Holiday Gift Giving article.  It is all I could hope for; it carries all the food I need in a nice, organized manner with its very own ice pack.  It even has condiment and liquid containers.  I brought both Chuck and I’s  lunch today in the large size set.

Chuck and I usually cook on the weekends to give us a head start during the week.  Finally, after Thanksgiving, the leftovers are gone, and we are back to normal.  Here is what I made for the week:

Saturday Night:  I made Paleo Shrimp and Grits.  It was a great meal with enough left over to feed us a  lunch or two this week.

Sunday:  I made Beef Stew and Unrolled Cabbage Casserole. For sides I made mashed cauliflower and celery root, Paleo Pad Thai and roasted butternut squash.  Making a variety of vegetables is important as they tend to take some prep, and if we are in a hurry, vegetable consumption is what suffers.

This may seem like quite a lot of food.  It is, but when we make plenty of food, Chuck and I can eat clean, delicious meals all week conviently. In addition, my mom lives with us and my best friend ,Scott ,comes over often for dinner.  Even with this amount of food, we still end up making several breakfasts and a few dinners during the week.   Today or tomorrow I plan on making hamburgers and Latin Fries for dinner. Most of the above covers our mid-day eating.

Most of the recipes I tried this week are from Health Bent.  I love that site; it has earned my trust as everything turns out fabulous if you just follow the recipe, and they also have a nifty print and PDF feature for each recipe.  When they publish their cookbook, I will definitely get that.



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