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Maybe it is because I am a teacher and I feel most comfortable when I am developing curriculum and courses.  What we teach is not rocket science, but I know all of you can attest to how difficult it is to learn the snatch.

One of our missions for Firebird is to create a healthy community, and of course, I think that stems from educating our athletes.  Everyday, your coaches aim to help you master old material (the air squat) and learn new material (butterfly kipping pull-ups).   We design challenges, classes, and seminars to help you learn how to eat well, manage stress, use supplementation and take care of your mobility.  We, as your coaches, are dedicated to our own continuing education on programming, teaching methods, motivation, nutrition and all that goes into making you the best athlete you can be.

I was inspired to write about this because of a face-to-face class that I just had with some of the awesome athletes in our Instructor Training Program (ITP).  These athletes have been studying, taking quizzes, shadowing, and practicing so that they can become better CrossFit athletes and leaders in our community.  You may see them leading the warm up in your class or teaching you movements over the weeks to come.  They are working hard, and I have been honored to help them in their further development in CrossFit.

No matter what your aim in CrossFit is, we hope that everyday you will  come away from the gym just a little better than you were when you arrived.

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