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Firebird CrossFit Secret Santa Mesa AZWe will be doing Secret Santa Firebird-CrossFit-Style starting November 26th to December 8th.  This is not your typical Secret Santa!  You are definitely not going to want to miss this activity!

We will, as normal, match up Secret Santas and Giftees, but the twist is that you will receive a set of Collectible Naughty and Nice Cards to dispense to your giftee or other folks you work out with.  When you receive a Nice Card in your stocking, you get benefits in the gym, like exchanging one movement in the WOD for another.  When you receive a Naughty Card in your stocking, you get penalties often having to do with burpees.

Not only do the Naughty and Nice cards make this a more interactive Secret Santa for the whole community, but also the cards themselves are not to be missed.  The front of the cards have pictures of your favorite coaches.  You will want to collect them all, believe me.

To participate, you simply bring a stocking with your name on it and $5 for a pack of 10 Naughty and Nice cards.   It is possible to participate in the giving for just the $5 set of cards; you may also give small gifts that total no more than $25 to your Giftee.  You will also have the opportunity to gift Naughty and Nice cards to friends that are not your Giftee.   We will send out detailed instructions to all of those who are interested in playing.

If you are interested in the Firebird CrossFit Secret Santa game, just bring a stocking with your name on it and $5 by November 21st to give us some time to match the Santas and Giftees and hang all of your stockings.

This is going to be a blast and a great way to celebrate the holidays with the people that CrossFit with you daily.  Bring in your stockings and let the celebrating begin!

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