Squat Clean

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The squat clean is a very difficult movement.  There are so many things to remember, the set up, knees back, tension in the hamstrings, acceleration, jump shrug, don’t bend the arms before the hips open, and fast elbows.  Even harder is the courage to jump under a falling weight and catch it on your shoulders in a very deep squat.  It seems like it will take a lifetime to get it, but I have some promising videos that says that isn’t so.  The squat clean video is of Logan (4:30 PM) and Cal (6:30 PM).  Both are doing an excellent job after having very recently learning the squat clean (Cali took the Oly seminar the day before and Logan got in the 15 minutes of learn).  Think about the first time you walked into the gym, did you think that is what you would be doing in just two months?  Each time you are cursing the jump rope while you are trying for consecutive double unders or getting frustrated with the timing of the kip, just remember that when you started you were a different person- you could not even imagine doing the stuff you have already gotten down much less all of the amazing movements you are aspiring to.  Focus, practice and keep working!

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